Are You Producing Fruit?

Are you producing Fruit? What’s your favorite fruit? Apples? Oranges? Bananas? What if the fruit was rotten, would you still want to consume it? What if I picked you favorite fruit from a tree that wasn’t the correct tree? For example… what if you favorite fruit was an apple and I told you that I picked it from a cherry tree? Would […]

Missional Mandate

Missional Mandate Being missional is something that is often talked about, lived out by many, but I often wonder how many of us actually understand the grit that it takes to be on mission as a way of life and not just an action every now and then. What if we began to view our […]

Character Matters

Character Matters For whatever reason, character is something that frustrates followers of Jesus. Especially when you involve scripture. I remember having a conversation with someone about it and they argued that scripture isn’t a book of what to do and what not to do, but serves as a story about a man that we all […]

Promoting Change

Change is something that most people desire. I believe that change is something we should not only desire, but also promote. Most would ask the question, How is that possible? Before I answer your question, I believe that it’s important for all of us to know that we can’t change anyone. All we can do […]

Marks of the Blood Bought

Considering all of the recent events that are plaguing this culture, I truly believe that it time for those who profess Christ as their Savior to check their pulse. What do I mean? It’s time for us to ensure that if we profess that Christ is our Savior, that we belong to Him.  Are you […]

Heart Check

A few years ago, I had the privilege to converse with a young lady who was experiencing some very tough racial issues at her school. Out of 601 young ladies, she was one of two blacks in the entire school. Throughout her years there, she had been the target of racist comments from both parents […]